Frequently Asked Questions

About Contests
  • How do contests work on Popcoyn?
    We regularly have contests on Popcoyn in which users compete in whose portfolio gains the highest returns between two certain dates. We have weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annual contests. The prize pool for each contest will be divided among the winners.
  • How are portfolio returns calculated?
    Returns are equal to the percentage change in the value of a portfolio between the start and the end of a contest. So if the value of the portfolio is V0 at the time the contest starts, and V1 at the time the contest ends, the return will be equal to (V1-V0)/V0.
  • Where does Popcoyn get its coin prices from when finding the value of a portfolio at each time?
    We get our prices from the live feed provided by
  • How can I enroll in a contest?
    After you create a portfolio on Popcoyn, you will be automatically enrolled in all upcoming contests.
  • Can I change my portfolio while being enrolled in a contest?
    For each contest, we use the latest version of your portfolio that was available before the contest started. You can change your portfolio while the contest is ongoing but we will still use the version you started the contest with to calculate your returns.
  • How is the prize pool divided amongst the winners?
    Each contest will have at least 3 winners. The first, second, and third users with the highest-return portfolios will take 50%, 30%, and 20% of the prize pool, respectively. If there are users with equal returns at the top, we use this following rules to divide the prize:
    • If 2 users share the first place, each will receive 40% of the prize. The remaining 20% goes to user(s) with the second highest returns.
    • If 3 or more users share the first place, the prize will be divided equally among them. Nothing goes to users with the second and third highest portfolios.
    • If 2 or more users share the second place, the remainder of the prize (after first highest-return users take their share) will be divided equally among them. Nothing will go to user(s) with the third highest returns.
    • If 2 or more users share the third place, the remainder of the prize (after first and second highest-return users take their share) will be divided equally among them.
  • Who pays for the contest prizes?
    Prizes come from donations made to Popcoyn. You can also make a donation and receive a nice badge on your profile in return!
About Popcoyn
  • What is this Popcoyn website about?
    Popcoyn is a social network surrounding cryptocurrencies. You can create a portfolio of your investments and track how its value evolves over time. We even keep the older versions of your portfolio whenever you update it. You can also compare the growth of your portfolio to that of other users and market indexes on nice-looking charts. Furthermore, you can exchange investment tips or price predictions with other users. Finally, we regularly have contests with prizes (in cryptocurrencies, of course!) for portfolios with the highest returns over certain periods of time.
  • Do I need to have investments in cryptocurrencies to join Popcoyn?
    Not at all. You can make a fantasy portfolio and participate in contests and other activities on the website. This allows you to learn more about the cryptocurrency market and test the waters without making any actual investments.
  • I don't want other people to know how much investments I have in cryptocurrencies. Why should I share my portfolio on Popcoyn?
    Whenever we show your portfolio to other users, we scale the amounts so that the proportion of each coin in the portfolio is preserved, but your actual cryptocurrency holdings are concealed. This allows users to share their portfolios with others without revealing how much they've actually invested.