About Popcoyn

Popcoyn is a social network aimed at providing a fun and informative environment for investors in cryptocurrencies, as well as for those curious about this market. The name Popcoyn, a portmanteau of popcorn and coin, is intended to paint a picture of leisurely eating popcorn with friends, watching the rollercoaster that is the evolution of the cryptocurrency market.

The Popcoyn project started out in December 2017 and was launched in February 2018. Popcoyn is brought to you from San Antonio, TX .

Here is a list of our main innovations:

  • We are a social network for cryptocurrencies: While on other social networks people share and follow pictures and daily activities, on Popcoyn users share and follow their cryptocurrency portfolios and investment ideas. Your portfolio may reflect your real or fantasy investments.
  • We protect your privacy: People often are not comfortable telling others how much money they have invested in cryptocurrencies. To address this concern, whenever a portfolio is shown to any user other than its creator, we scale the amounts of the coins in the portfolio in such a way that the total value of the portfolio becomes equal to $100,000. This way, the share of each coin in the portfolio is preserved, while the actual cryptocurrency holdings of the user are concealed.
  • We keep records of your old investments: Whenever you change your portfolio, we archive the older versions, and will even show you how the older versions are performing compared to the latest version.
  • We build and maintain indexes for the cryptocurrency market: We created indexes for the cryptocurrency market that are equivalent to well-established stock market indexes such as S&P500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average . This makes comparing the two markets straightforward.
  • We make it easy to compare different coins and indexes: Our charts allow you to compare the growth of your portfolio with those of other users and market indexes in a single graph.
  • We provide portfolio insights: We show you information like what percentage of our users have a particular coin in their portfolio, or what are similar coins to a particular coin.
  • We provide a platform for competition: We have regular contests with real prizes for portfolios with highest returns between certain points in time. This is another way to have fun and excitement, as well as an opportunity for users to show off their forecasting skills. Furthermore, you can find users who consistently win contests and explore their portfolios to see what they're doing right.
  • We provide a platofrm for conversations: On popcoyn, users are encouraged to exchange investment tips and engage in conversations about different coins, contests, and each other's portfolios.
We really hope that you enjoy using our website. Please don't hesistate to contact us with any ideas, comments or questions. Also please help us cover the costs and fund contest prizes by making a donation.